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Hook Up Tonight is for people that want to find someone TONIGHT without playing online games.

The "Hook Up Tonight" section is ONLY people who are READY to commit to a physical encounter.

Each morning we wipe the slate clean. As our members login throughout the day they may choose to commit
to meeting someone physically in person that evening which will make them appear in the "Hook Up Tonight"
listing pages. Send them a private message! If mutual contact is made you may continue to exchange messages
from inside the system, or choose to take it outside and exchange your personal contact information as you choose.

Sex, Love or Friendship - State what YOU are looking for and filter out what you don't want to see.

We have it all - classy to nasty, wild to mild. Filter out profiles that don't match your interests, or block people
from communicating with you if their goals and motivations don't match yours. You can include or exclude racy
or promiscuous photos too; just click the content ratings in your profile and it's done. And if someone is abusing
the system in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable our reporting feature blocks them for good with one click.

We have the most FEMALE-FRIENDLY features of any personal introduction site!

Let's face it, women have choices. And what is a matchmaking site without women? Our system is designed to work
THE WAY WOMEN WANT IT TO WORK... by shielding you from the noise and gimmicks found on other sites. Our unique
communication manager allows women the chance to browse and use the site without pressure or hassles while rewarding
simple, honest communication among members - without pressure to respond or guilt when deciding you're not interested.

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